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60 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I just finished reading the Mess series and really enjoyed it. Must have as I read all three books in four days!!. Really need to get something done now!

  2. Ramona Kekstadt said:

    T.k this is one amazing series. Love them all.
    So much passion I never felt before. Thank you.

  3. I’m looking for Heart of Marley on iBooks n I can’t find it….love all of yur books! Just finished Heart of Light Love Cam and Jolene! Wanted more of they love story!!!

  4. Mary smith said:

    Can’t wait for Slaying the Dragon.

  5. Emma Mcdonald said:

    Absolutely loved the beautiful mess series i didnt want it to end !
    I love the way you wright i had every emotion from all of your books
    which is fantastic these are by far the best books ive read and ive read alot lol
    I would love to see them go to film !
    Cant wait for the next one !

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