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48 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear Author. I live in London, UK, and would love to know when “A Total Wreck” will be avaiable to purchase. I loved “A Beautiful Mess” and cannot wait to read the sequel. To speak the truth, I am even dreaming about it!
    Yours Sincerely,

  2. A Beautiful Mess
    Omg I’ve cried and laughed in this book and when the end came I was crying yet again
    I can’t for this next book I read this book in less than a few hours and I will tell everyone bout this book

  3. Omg just finished reading and I want more as I near the end I was screaming no she cant leave me hanging like this great job I look forward to next one

  4. Cannot wait for the second book! God ….2014?! Uggggghh!

  5. I love this book and cant wait for the next one. I do have to say I am not in love with the teaser for the next book I want Alex to chase after her I mean he should be able to use his resources to find her!! And I don’t like him hooking up with the other chick but I look forward to your next installment.

  6. Wow, loved this book.

  7. Wow what a great book! When I got to end of the book I was so upset because all I wanted to do was keep reading more about Alexander and Olivia! I hope the next book comes out before Feb. of 2014 I don’t know if I can wait that long! I think you have found your calling! I think you are such a good writer!

  8. Like everyone else, I can’t believe we have to wait till 2014! Great book! Already recommended to a few friends and will submit a review on Good Reads.

    Also, it’s a trilogy, right? I read that somewhere… I hope so!

  9. Oh my goodness, you left me hanging… I want to know what happens. I can’t wait for book two to be released. I loved A Beautiful Mess.

  10. Mona Kekstadt said:

    You definitely had me hanging..it was a beautiful book…some say they were mad at Olivia…I understood her feelings..your wrote the book just wonderful…I was a little mad at Mr. Burnham for not following Olivia in the bar…..he just walked away from her..I wish he hadn’t …the worst was when he did go after her but couldn’t answer her…I didn’t understand why he did that….

  11. Kathey Enriquez said:

    This book was such a tear jerker I cried laughed and cried some more loved it can’t wait for the she on one thank you

  12. Samantha Middleton said:

    I purchased this book and read it in one sitting. I was HOOKED!!! Cannot wait for the next book. I left a 5 star review on Amazon!!!! A beautiful mess is now in my TOP 5 favorite book series! And I have over 300 series on my Kindle. That should tell you something!!! PLEASE WRITE “A Tragic Wreck” soon!!!!!!!!!! Thanks—- newly addicted reader Samantha <3 :)

  13. Lisa Gilchrist said:

    I have read over 300 novels since June and your story moved me right from the first start. You are extremely talented and have a way with words that made the characters come to life and jump right off the pages as though I were watching a film. I felt connected to Olivia and Alexander as you took us on their roller coaster ride adventure. Loving, hating, fighting, emphasizing, hoping, wiling and truly captivated! I felt all emotion every step of the way… Now I’m left mourning! I eagerly await your highly anticipated release of A Tragic Wreck where their compelling story continues…. At least I hope it does! This cliff hanger has left us all on edge I think!
    Thank you so much for keeping me entertained and for sharing your talent with the world!! I’m hooked!🎢😃 Lisa.

  14. Vicki Yarbrough said:

    PLEASE PLEASE tell me they have a happy ending!!!

  15. What a great read! It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that hit on all my emotions. I do go through about 5 books a week so you nailed it in my book! Looking forward to the next book. Would love to know if your book will be available for presale? Don’t want to miss the release or forget. Thank you for giving us a wonderful must read novel!

  16. Yes,please let it have a happy ending. Loved it!

  17. You absolutely just nailed the characters. You captured the esse.ce of Meow.the restaurant. Most people don’t know that their is a bookstore downstairs at Nepente which sells several healing gifts. Also, Amelia island reallyw is that beautiful and remote. Also, you absolute nailed the clinical issues which occur when you have attachment issues. Lastly, Alex has got to open the envelop and the contents might still be enough to keep the apart. Yet, I am hoping Alex will use his NSA contacts to locate his missing Olivia. Then please write about baby brother.

  18. Loved your book and can’t wait for the next.

  19. Kathy Shreve said:

    Do you have a street team. I absolutely loved ” A Beautiful Mess” and cannot wait for ” A Tragic Wreck” ! I enjoy your writing and have been sharing your posts! So if you do have one I would love to help promote your books!

  20. Lauren Wilcox said:

    Hey I’m from the UK and I loved beautiful mess do you have a release date for tragic wreck for it being available to be bought on amazon UK ??

    • A Tragic Wreck will be published on 1/27 (US time…) It can take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours for Amazon to publish it generally, so just stay tuned and hopefully it won’t take long to go live once I hit publish. If you follow my Facebook page, I’ll certainly be alerting everyone once it’s live. Thanks for reading A Beautiful Mess. I’m glad you enjoyed it. <3 – T.K.

  21. Lisa McCoy said:

    Is there a digital format for kindle? All I am seeing is a paperback edition. This is a wonderful series. I cannot wait to read a Tragic Wreck.

  22. I just finished A Tragic Wreck – I never read a series unless all the books are out because the wait between is excruciating! I didn’t intend to with this series but when I picked up A Beautiful Mess, I couldn’t put it down again.
    When will Dangerous Chaos be out?!?!?

  23. Will there be more Olivia and Alexander books after “A Tragic Wreck”?

  24. Never mind lol I answered my own question lol

  25. I am half through A Tragic Wreck and had to stop and grab a box of Kleenex!
    I have never been so into a book emotionally and it was very tense!
    I love a book I can get into this much.
    I can’t wait to read ending to see how much Kleenex is left.
    I will give a full review on Amazon when done but right now I would give both books a 5+!!!!!!
    Thanks T.K

  26. Brenda Rogers said:

    When will the 3rd book be published ?

  27. I bought both…I love both and can’t wait for the third. Great great great. Looking forward to more.

  28. Fiona Greig_Fraser said:

    Loved both A beautiful mess & A tragic wreck. You are a truly a gifted author however you have left me frustrated….Lol. Can you please tell me when the next book will be released & will this be the final in the series *sob*

  29. Stephanie said:

    Will Gorgeous Chaos be available for preorder? I am on edge waiting for its release ;) Amazing series! Totally in love with them both.

  30. Lori Wolpert said:

    I loved both your books. I have my “Dirty Mom’s Book Club reading Book # 1 this month for our club. Any insight to what questions we should discuss?

  31. Oh my gosh, just finished A Beautiful Mess I can’t wait for the next book! It was absolutely fantastic! You definitely rock my friend!!!!
    Thank you, Ballery

  32. I am infatuated with your books! They are deliciously good reads to say the very least. Shades of Grey do not hold a candle!! (I was obsessed with that trilogy too btw…and if you despise the comparison I apologize.) I am close to finishing A Tragic Wreck and cannot wait to read Gorgeous Chaos. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing talent with a diehard hopeless romantic that can’t get enough!

  33. OMG!!! Hooked on A BEAUTIFUL MESS series!!!!!! I keep checking my Kindle App for buying earlier than May 5th. Is the 3rd installment, A GORGEOUS CHAOS, still being released that day?

  34. Hi just read the whole series and I really enjoyed it , I couldn’t put it down when will vanished be released sounds good

  35. Loved the Beautiful Mess series cant wait for this book to come out :) I

  36. Elaine Hall said:

    I love your series a beautiful mess can’t wait to read more from you

  37. Keshia Beard said:

    Love love your books!!! Can’t wait for Cam’s!!

  38. Laurie Kola said:

    I just read The Beautiful Mess and Heart of Light… and have found a new FAVORITE AUTHOR! OMG, kept me on the edge of my seat…tuning everything and everyone out !
    I will definitely recommend this author to everyone ! Bravo !

  39. I just would like to say the beautiful mess series was just amazing!!!! I really could see it being a famous movie. Really need to find some more books like this. The books were very well written and I couldn’t stop#!!!!

  40. Emma Mcdonald said:

    Wow the beautiful mess series is the best books that i have read and i read alot ! lol
    love the characters couldnt put it down cant wait for the next id love someone to make it into a film fantastic !!!!

  41. Loved it can’t wait for the next one.. .?????

  42. Just finished the trilogy read it as one,fantastic books with something to say a story that goes all the way to the very end great. thank you for sharing this amazing story.

  43. Ramona Kekstadt said:

    T.k this is one amazing series. Love them all.
    So much passion I never felt before. Thank you.

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