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Happy Dance!

I really don’t have that much to say other than, IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been back since Monday, and of course since i was on the road for work, I couldn’t write all that much. It was absolutely killing me. So the minute I got home, (well, actually when I woke up Monday morning after finally getting back to me house around 11:30 Sunday night) I grabbed my laptop and I’ve been writing almost non-stop.

My problem is I started with one story. And it grew and grew into this huge monster that I now feel I need to split into three books. And I keep finding ways to back it even longer, which I’m really not trying to, but it just happens.

Take for instance, one of my characters, Scott. At first he was just someone my MC met at a beach when she runs from Boston, scared of commitment, blah blah blah. Well, when writing book three (or what I’m assuming will become book 3) I bring him back to help my MC deal with some issues. So I immediately wanted to develop his character a little more. And one thing led to another and BAM! Almost 30,000 extra words. WHAT? I mean, really…

But it’s all coming together. I’m combing through a draft of what I plan on publishing as the first book today, and probably all weekend, to prepare it for beta readers.

I’m torn about what to do with Betas though. It’s going to end up being a series, and I really feel I need to use the same readers throughout the series for people to really understand what’s going on.

Oh well. I’ll figure it all out.

And one final thought….


I mean seriously!

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Silly Hound….

Aaaahhhhh….  Friday….  Let’s all just take a minute and revel in the feeling that we only get on Fridays. Isn’t it great?

Anyway, I woke up this morning and make my coffee. Sadly, the hubs is on the road right now. They were shooting a music video yesterday in Nashville. And today they’re off to Atlantic City for a gig before he comes home Sunday. But I’m on a red eye tomorrow night back to the East Coast to visit the fam bam. So, where was I? Yes, getting my coffee. I bring it back upstairs to the bedroom and decide to drag the laptop out and do some editing on my manuscript while I enjoy my first (2) cups of coffee of the day.

And what do I notice? My dog’s but it bleeding! WTF???  

Oh, this is my dog….



His name is Biggie the notorious D-O-G.

And his but is bleeding….

He had an anal abscess. Fun, right? 

So he is at the vet right now getting it drained. That’s exactly how I would want to spend my Friday. Wouldn’t you?

And of course after I drop him off, I came back to my house, and it was so strange walking in the front door without my hound greeting me at the door with that look in his face that said, “OH MY GOD! YOU’RE HOME! I don’t know how long you were gone for! It could have been 2 minutes or 2 years, but you’re home!!!”

Don’ you just love dogs?

Here’s hoping that everything is okay with my pooch…..  Now, back to editing! (I should totally be cutting some video right now, but I don’t feel like it. Maybe later….)


Hope y’all have a happy Friday!

And maybe next week I’ll post a teaser from my book!  EEK!!!!

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Truer words were never spoken….


I wish I had heard this gem of wisdom earlier in my life!

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If you go home with somebody…..

I woke up this morning and went through the normal morning ritual.  Coffee in bed with the hubs.  I fetched the first round as hubby was so not ready to get up just yet.  I made him get round two and then we were off for our morning run.

We need to start getting our butts in gear earlier in the morning.  It was already in the 70s when we started our run.  Makes it for a hot one.  At least it was only a short four miler.

Anywho, we get back from the run and his phone rings…  Now, he’s been helping set up a music video shoot for the big boss man.  And they’ve been going back and forth about whether he should come out or not.  He is the video director / producer on tour.  So now they want him at the music video shoot in Nashville.  So he’s off to Nashville tomorrow.  Then to Atlantic City on Friday for the opening of the boss’ casino.  Then home on Sunday.  But I leave Saturday to go to the east coast to visit with the fam bam before the next leg of the tour starts in Boston…  I went to school there, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some old college friends.  YEAH!

I really don’t have anything profound today.  I’ve been editing the first part of my book, and my eyes just feel like they’re ready to pop out of my head.  So I’m avoiding right now.  I should probably get back to it….



Don’t you wish your mama gave you this advice earlier in life???  I sure do!



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My first blog post!  Welcome to the twenty first century!  How freakin’ exciting!

Anywho, I’m getting ready to do a lot of blogging, hopefully in anticipation of releasing my VERY FIRST BOOK!  It’s tentatively called “A Beautiful Mess” and I’m still in the very very initial writing stages.  I pretty much have the entire story down, but now comes the fun part of going back and reading it over and over again to make sure it’s good enough to give to some Beta readers.  A little ambitious, but I’m hoping for a fall release of the first installment of the two part series.  It’s New Adult with a bit of suspense.  Anyway, that’s all for my first blog post.  I’m hoping to have some teasers for the book soon!  


Thanks y’all!


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