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The Football and the Dog

I love my dog. He is the best friend a girl could ask for. He loves me unconditionally no matter what. When i walk back into the house, he doesn’t yell at me for leaving him for weeks at a time like my cats do. He’s there, wagging his tail, barely able to control his excitement over my return, although he has no idea if I was gone for one minute or one year. Everyone should have a dog.

But, he’s not the smartest animal. And that’s what makes him so endearing.

About a week ago, after the hubs began to read my novels and saw how stinkin’ good they were, he started to get nervous every time we left the laptop unattended. We were in Las Vegas for a production seminar and instead of having housekeeping come to the room to make up the bed and straighten up, we decided to leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door (at the Hard Rock Hotel, it says “tied up” and I so want to get some made as promotional items for the book) so that no one could come in the room and rummage through my stuff and find, what Stan now refers to it as, THE FOOTBALL.

For those of you familiar with US fun facts, you know that THE FOOTBALL is the case escorted by a military aide that follows the President around containing all the launch codes.

So, now we refer to my laptop as THE FOOTBALL. There’s no launch codes in it, obviously, but based on the overwhelming positive reception of my novels, the hubs wants this laptop protected like no tomorrow until the third book in the series is published.

And once I realized how much people were losing their minds over the books, I now back up my book files on an almost hourly basis and the shuttle drive is now called THE MINI FOOTBALL and it does not leave my side. It goes in my purse when we’re out to dinner. It’s a little strange.

Getting back to my dog. Here’s a picture of him.


For the small amount of people who were lucky enough to be my test readers (or my sisters who I gave an advanced unedited copy to), this dog was my inspiration for the dog in the book, Runner. Runner is a pointer-terrier mix just like my hound. My hound is named Biggie the Notorious D-O-G. (And no, I don’t listen to rap music.)

When we leave the house, we always leave someone in charge. We have one dog (Biggie) and three cats (Amelia, Linus, and Lucy). Amelia, or Emmy, is the one with the most brains out of any of our menagerie. So we usually tell Emmy that she is in charge, but Biggie is head of Homeland Security. Now when we leave, we tell Biggie to protect the football. And what does he do? He goes to find one of his squeaky footballs. And he is so proud of himself when he brings it to us, his tail wagging like crazy. The first time he did this, we lost it. It was so funny.

Honestly, if you don’t have a dog, you are missing out on some of the best memories you could possibly make in your life. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for this dog and I knew I had to have one in my books. I love you Biggie! And thanks for always protecting the football, even if it’s not THE FOOTBALL.

And since you’re here and you haven’t already, I’d appreciate a like on my Facebook Fan Page.

T.K. Leigh on Facebook

And if you’re on Goodreads and you have a thing for books like Fifty Shades, Bared to You, Beautiful Disaster, and Collide, but think they were all missing that suspense element you NEED to add my series to your TBR list.

A Beautiful Mess on Goodreads (Book One of the Beautiful Mess Series)

A Tragic Wreck on Goodreads (Book Two of the Beautiful Mess Series)

Gorgeous Chaos on Goodreads (Book Three of the Beautiful Mess Series)

All three books have gotten all five star reviews from my early readers, so you really need to check them out. The first two chapters of the first book are posted on Goodreads and also on wattpad, along with a schmex scene.

A Beautiful Mess Excerpts on Wattpad!

Thanks friends for all your support!!!

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Happy Monday! So lots has been going on lately. And I haven’t had time to really blog that much this past week or so.

The hubs got home from the road about a week ago. He flew in on Sunday and I picked him up at LAX. Now, keep in mind, that, yes, I’ve been writing my series of books since about March on and off, mostly when he had been on the road as a way of  creative outlet for me. But I never told him I was doing it, because I didn’t know where it would go. I really was just doing it for fun at first. And it’s still fun! I needed a creative outlet. I love my job as a producer, but I deal more with the budgets and delivery timeline side of things. Yes, when the tour starts every year, I do help with overall look and what not, but he’s the creative one. So this past January, I was so sick of all the horrifically written romance novels out there that people actually paid good money for, so I decided if they could do it, so could I!

Fast forward to March. I’m home in Connecticut a few days after I ran the LA Marathon, visiting my adorable niece. And I started to write. At first, it was just a creative outlet and I never thought the story would ever see the light of day. And every time the hubs was on the road, I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. And what was once a small one book manuscript turned into a 290,000 word three part series.

Now let’s all fast forward to July. I decide to find a group of beta readers on Goodreads. Beta readers are like a test group. And I found a group of women that generally love the contemporary romance genre, and their ages are all across the board. So with shaky hands, I hit send on the e-mails, sending them the first novel in the series. And almost overnight, they all read it and loved it. I was floored. I guess at that point was when I thought about publishing. The second book was ready for beta readers and I sent that to them.

Now, let’s go to last Sunday. Stan & I are sitting at the bar of our favorite mexican restaurant here, eating some delicious guacamole when I got the first response from one of my betas about the second book. I read it while I was sitting at the bar. I turn to Stan, HUGE GRIN on my face, and say “So, I have some news.”

Thankfully, I was drinking a beer (and I think was on my third corona at that point) so he figured I wasn’t pregnant. PHEW! That would put a serious kink in my running and marathon schedule.

So I say, “i’ve written three books and the first one is publishing in October.”

His jaw hit the bar. He was shocked. And then that afternoon when we got home, I sent him the first book and he stayed up almost all night reading it. We had to head to Vegas the following day for a production seminar and he was mad that his reading was interrupted by the four hour drive. He read all three books that week, and he’s not a huge reader.

He even needed me to pass him the tissue box on more than one occasion.

So I’ve told friends and family about the book and am excited about their enthusiasm and support.

I was going to do a post about my dog, but I’ll save that for another day. Right now I’m just way too excited about finally being able to share my labor of love with everyone starting in October.

So, here’s a link to my Facebook Author page. Feel free to give it a like it you want:

T.K. Leigh

And here’s my book on Goodreads. Go ahead and add it to your TBR list!

A Beautiful Mess

And just remember……


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That’s right… I finished my rough of the third book in my series. It had been sitting pretty much entirely done for several months. But I kept going back and revisiting earlier points in the manuscript, which eventually caused it to be split into two books and then into three. Now that everything’s written, I find myself roaming around my house, having no idea what to do. I know how it all ends now. It’s been killing me for months, wondering how it would end. I won’t say whether everyone gets their HEA or not, but I will say this. It’s slightly overwhelming being done.

The funny thing is this started out as one book. And the more I went back, the more i wanted to develop my main characters. And to do that, I needed to add different characters. And what I thought would just be one maybe 75,000 word novel is now a monstrous 290,000 three book series. And I can’t wait to share it with you all!

On that note… Here’s me right now!


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It’s Nice to Know You’ve Still Got It….

Up early and decided to start blogging on a more regular basis….  And before the day gets away from me with editing and reviewing my novel (“A Beautiful Mess” coming October 8, 2013!!!) I decided to do a little writing for fun. Even though all my writing is for fun, really!

So I got up early yesterday, as I do every day. And I went for a run. It was Tuesday. And Tuesday’s a short run day. So I hop in my yellow Jeep Wrangler and drive to one of the trailheads. See, I live in this fantastic suburb north of LA, about thirty miles north of Hollywood. And there’s probably over forty miles of bike paths. Which is great as a runner because i don’t have to fight cars or traffic and I can turn off and just run. Which is freaking fantastic!

So I pull my Jeep in and get all the stuff I need for my short little five miler. And I start running. About a mile and a half into my run, I catch up to about twenty police academy recruits, who are also out for a run. And holy crap, nice job Santa Clarita Police Academy, because there were some HOTTIES there. (Side note, I’m extremely happily married to the most wonderful man on the face of the planet.)

So as I’m running, I can tell some of the guys are checking me out. I did look cute…  Wearing a cute little running skirt from Athletica. (PS, any runners who want some great comfortable skirts for running in – Athletica is a little better than Lululemon, IMHO.)

And then one of their training instructors or whatever, runs up, and starts yelling as some of the cadets. He said, and I quote, “Stop chasing skirts and stay with the group.” I turned around and this hottie grinned. I wish I had my phone because I sooo wanted to take a picture because he is who I had in my head when I made up my main character, Alexander….  Holy crap. Built, dark hair. He even had green eyes. Holy shit balls!

So that brings me to the point of this post this morning…  It’s nice to know you’ve still got it. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for four years. And he tells me on a daily basis how much he loves me. How beautiful I am. And I love that he’s so affectionate with me. But once in a while, it’s nice to know people other than your hubby finds you attractive. So that made my day….

Well, it looks like I need to go prep Chapter one of my first book to post on Goodreads…  When I hit 50, I said I’d post it…  So looks like that’s about to happen!  Holy crapolla!  If you haven’t added it yet, go here:

A Beautiful Mess on Goodreads

And once I get 200 likes on my FB fan page, I’m posting a schmexy scene…

T.K. Leigh Facebook Fan Page

And anyone who knows me, knows I’m a total sucker for Grumpy Cat, so I just had to share this with y’all!


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Mentally Exhausted

Hello out there in the blogiverse…  So, I’ve been doing a review / edit of the second book of my series, (titled “A Tragic Wreck” to be released in December / January), and I am mentally exhausted from this roller coaster ride that I’m taking my readers on in this second book.

I’ve been writing this series since January. It was a strange idea that came to me. I’ve always loved to read. And I’ve read some pretty poorly written books, and I just knew that if that person could write a book, I certainly could as well. Hell, I went to law school. They don’t really teach you the law in law school. They teach you one thing. How to write.

So back on a cold day in January, after I returned to SoCal after a week in Florida (where I ran the Goofy Challenge, 13.1 miles on Saturday, 26.2 on Sunday – WOOT!), I grabbed my laptop and started playing around with a story. When I first sat down to write, it was a totally different story. It’s amazing how that happens. (I’ll do my original story after I’m done with this series, but this one was just begging to be written.)

I feel like the characters I’ve created are friends of mine. I think when I’m done writing and publishing the third in the series, I’ll be a little sad. These people have become a part of me. Hell, sometimes I’ll be talking to one of my cats, and I’ll mistakenly call her “Olivia” instead of “Amelia.” (FYI – Olivia is one of my main characters.) And I won’t ruin anything, but at some points when I’ve been writing, I need a box of tissues next to me because I’m crying at what’s going on. And I have the power to change it and make it a happy story with butterflies and unicorns and no conflict, but that would defeat the purpose. Yes, we all love reading stories where our characters get their happily ever afters, but where’s the fun in that? Life isn’t always full of easy happily ever afters. Sometimes you have to work at it a little bit.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little about my feelings after finishing my first review of my second book. Book one is out with the betas, and half of them have gotten back to me, telling me how much they loved it. And that’s great. At times, when I was writing, I wasn’t even sure my manuscript would ever see the light of day. You write all day long, sometimes into the wee hours of the night, and then when you finally fall asleep, the little doubt fairy comes to visit and you want to just throw everything away and forget about it, and get back to your real job.

When I sent a copy to all my betas, I can’t even tell you how nervous I was. Did I just waste the past six months doing something that people thought sucked? And then the reviews started coming in and I was floored. Granted, it’s just a small group of people, but the fact that I have people itching to find out what happens next in something that I’ve created from my own imagination is such an amazing feeling.

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for now. I’m going to finish reading Carl Hiaasen’s new novel (you want a challenge, trying reading his work and then immediately switch gears and write contemporary romance. It’s a hoot, no pun intended.). Then I’ll be starting my second pass through my second book.

And since I’m in a sharing mood, here’s another teaser from book one. If you dig it and like contemporary romance, new adult, etc., go add it to your TBR list on Goodreads.  Here’s the link:

A Beautiful Mess on Goodreads

And if I get 50 people to add it to their TBR lists, I’ll post the first chapter, so spread the word amongst your friends! Oh, and one of my reviewers said, and I quote, ” The sex scenes were hot. If you love alpha males then this is the book for you.” So, if I get up to 200 likes on my Facebook fan page, I’m going to post one of those sex scenes.

So click here to like me!

Without further ado, here’s a teaser from “A Beautiful Mess.”


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Teaser Time!!!!

Okay all…..  Book One of my series has been sent to betas…  And I’ve started to get some responses already… People are digging it…  Here’s what one of my betas said:

“I absolutely loved it!!  I could not put it down!  I loved the story, I loved the characters, I loved it all!! …  I thought the story flowed well, the characters were very likeable, the dialogue was very believable and it was just an all around great book.  My only real question is when does it come out, and how soon after that will the next one be available?  I’m dying to know what happens!!  =)”

So in celebration of a good beta review, I’m releasing a little excerpt from my book:


If you like this, and want to stay up to date with cover reveal, blog tours, etc., please please please take a minute and go like my author facebook page: CLICK HERE!

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Once a Red Sox Fan….

Always a Red Sox fan!!  That’s right…

So it was the hub’s and I’s fourth wedding anniversary this past Friday. Now I’ve been living out in LALALand for the past 4 1/2 years. And as a native New Englander, the toughest part of my transition was the lack of Red Sox games. Both live and on tv. So when looking at the Angel’s schedule this year, when I saw that the Sox were starting a three games series against the angels on our anniversary, it was a no-brainer! We got the best seats we possibly could (4 rows behind the third base dug out) and we celebrated out anniversary with my home-town boys!



See..  That’s us from our seats…  Great huh?


It was such a fun game! I love baseball. And I think the hubs was shocked how much I knew about the sport. But he forgets that I grew up watching the Sox play. I remember in 1986, I was only six years old, but I still watched the World Series with my Dad, another die hard Red Sox fan. That was the year the Sox lost the series to the Mets – thank you Billy Buckner. But it’s okay. It only took another 18 years for us to finally with the World Series. I’m just glad I was able to see it happen in my lifetime. 


Big Papi wasn’t DHing on Friday, but they did bring him in to pinch hit. He watched the first pitch go by, and then…  OUT OF THE FREAKING PARK!!!!




That’s Ortiz right before hitting it over the Budweiser sign at Angel’s Stadium…  Needless to say, this anniversary ROCKED!!!!!  The Sox won 6-2, (and then lost the next 2 games, but that’s okay. We’re still top in our Division, and like five games ahead of the Yankees, and really, that’s all that matters!)

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