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Merry Christmas!

Hi friends! Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas before the day got away from me. It’s at this time of year we all tend to sit back and think about the year and look forward to the year to come.

This year has been a wild ride for me. At this time last year, I got my very first kindle paperwhite for Christmas. I wanted one because the battery on my iPad only lasted for about 8 hours and I was a reading machine. Eight hours was not nearly long enough. I got that paperwhite and just started reading all day long as I baby-sat various video projects we were working on at the time.

If you told me last Christmas that by this year I’d have published my first novel and would be about to publish my second, I would have laughed. I always admired authors and how they could whisk us to a totally different world for a bit. I loved how the written word could make us feel emotions as if we were right there, living them with the characters. But I never thought in a million years I’d be able to do that.

In January, I started toying with the idea of writing my own book just for fun. Around mid-March I finally sat down and started writing. I would add a little bit to the story here and there and it’s still mind-boggling how the story of Olivia and Alexander came to be. I wish I was blogging back then so I could chronicle the progression. I remember certain parts. I remember getting an idea after dropping the hubs off at the airport to leave for rehearsals for the tour and the entire way home listened to one song on repeat so that when I got home I could write that scene. (It’s in the third book.) At first the Amelia Island chapters numbered just two. And that didn’t make sense to me, so I needed to add some drama and despair, so now the Amelia Island Chapters number around 14 or 15 I think. It’s just amazing how when you write, new ideas come to you and you let the story take you where it needs to. I always say I didn’t write the story; the characters did. And they truly did.

So, on this Christmas, I look back at the amazing year I’ve had and I realize I never would be where I am without the amazing support of my fans. You all picked up and read my book, regardless of the fact that I didn’t have a big publishing house backing me. Thank you for being so passionate about my book that you’ve told your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers. Words seem inadequate to truly express how thankful I am for all of you.

A number of fans have commented time and time again how they enjoy interacting with me on Facebook and how they appreciate the time I take to talk to fans through my page. I assure you, no matter what happens, I will always take time out of my day to hop on my Facebook page to post. I refuse to become one of those authors who no longer feel it necessary to interact with their fans because they’ll hit the NYT Best Seller’s list. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but I promise to always make time for my fans. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. And Merry Christmas.merry-xmas-flatten

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For a limited time, both the e-book and signed paperback of “A Beautiful Mess” are on sale.

The e-book has been marked down to just $.99 on amazon and can be purchased HERE.

Also, I have reduced the price of signed paperbacks from $15 to just $7!!!! (Shipping is $3 domestically and $16 internationally.)

If you’re interested in a signed paperback, please fill out the google doc form HERE and I will send you a paypal invoice. This will only last for a limited time or while supplies last so act now!!!


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“A Tragic Wreck” Cover Reveal



Book Title: A Tragic Wreck

Author: T.K. Leigh

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 4, 2013

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


How can you continue living when you’re living a lie? How can you convince your body to stop feeling, your soul to stop caring, and your heart to stop beating?

Haunted by her past, Olivia Adler flees Boston for a beach in Florida, leaving everyone behind, trying to shut the world out. Remaining a relative recluse in her self-imposed prison, she tries to turn everything off, wanting to feel nothing. But a new acquaintance won’t let that happen. After being away from Alexander for a month, his voice constantly ringing in her head, reminding her that her inability to confront her demons will not only destroy her, but also him, can she really be expected to want to feel again when it brings nothing but pain?

Back in Boston, everywhere he turns, Alexander Burnham is reminded of Olivia… His Olivia… He tries to dull the ache left in his heart the only way he knows how… in the bed of a beautiful woman. But Alexander isn’t about to lose his Olivia. After a clue comes to light regarding Olivia’s whereabouts, can he convince her to return to Boston with him? When a force that has laid dormant for months resurfaces, can Alexander still protect her from the unknown danger? And when Alexander comes face to face with a shadow of both his and Olivia’s past, will he be able to tell her the secret that is threatening to tear them apart?

A Tragic Wreck is the continuation of T.K. Leigh’s heart-breaking Beautiful Mess series.


“Well, then, what do you want from me, Olivia?” he asked loudly, watching her walk away.

She spun around abruptly and searched his eyes. “I don’t want you to always feel like you have to come and help me, Alex,” she whimpered, her throat beginning to close up again, thinking about the man who was no longer hers. “I just want you to stand by my side while I try to help myself.” Her eyes narrowed, staring at him as he remained silent on the busy Boston street. “Do you think you can do that?” She looked at him as snow continued to blanket the sidewalk, desperately wanting him to say that yes, he could do that. That he would stand by her side. That he would forget all about her running out on him. And that he would do anything he could to make sure she never did the same thing again.

But instead, Alexander just stood there and stared, not saying anything.

Several moments passed, the silence deafening. “That’s what I thought.” Her eyes fell as she turned and continued to walk, shivering from the snow and the last shattered pieces of her heart being stomped on.

Alexander tried to open his mouth to say something. Anything. Tell her to wait. Stop. He made a mistake. But nothing came out. He knew he had just let the only woman he would ever truly love walk out of his life. And he did nothing. He watched his entire world fall apart and he didn’t do anything to stop it. All of a sudden, he felt more lonely than he had ever felt in all his thirty years.






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Announcement Regarding Availability of “A Beautiful Mess” and “A Tragic Wreck”

Many of you have asked whether the e-book of “A Beautiful Mess” will be available at Barnes & Noble in the future. Right now, “A Beautiful Mess” is registered in the KDP select program. With that, I have agreed to make the digital version of “A Beautiful Mess” available exclusively on Amazon for a period of 90 days. In exchange, I get certain perks, like being allowed to have “A Beautiful Mess” be a free download for up to 5 days (which over 40,000 of you have already benefited from that little perk!) and enabling it to be part of the Kindle Lender’s Library.

Now, this 90 day period expires on January 12th. At that point, I will be re-uploading to Kobo and Barnes & Noble FOR AN EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME (two weeks max.) I will make an announcement here and on my blog regarding when that happens.

After the short period of time, I will be pulling the digital format off every market except for Amazon and re-enrolling “A Beautiful Mess” in KDP Select so that I can again offer it as a free download if I so choose.

In regards to “A Tragic Wreck” – it will be published to Amazon, Kobo, and B&N when it releases. However, it will only be available on Kobo and B&N FOR AN EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME (2 weeks) and then I will pull that off and enroll it in KDP Select as well, enabling it to be a free download if I so choose.

So for those of you with an e-reader that does not support the kindle app, mark 1/13/14 and 2/4/14 on your calendars so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to download these e-books.

Also, if you don’t always get my Facebook updates, you can follow my blog and be sure to get an e-mail update every time I post something.


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A question I get asked a lot is where I find the inspiration for my books, whether it be character or plot, or what have you.

I find music to be very inspiring. As I write, I can’t have silence. I need music playing in the background. In fact, each book in my Beautiful Mess series comes with its own playlist. Now, certain songs may be mentioned in the text of the book or it may be a song that I listened to to elicit a certain emotion as I was writing.

For example, there’s this brilliant Damien Rice song, “Accidental Babies” that I find emotional, heart-breaking, and tragic. I loved the emotion behind it so much that I ended up re-working a fair portion of the second book in my series “A Tragic Wreck” to incorporate that emotion. And I knew what I wanted to happen, but in order to get to that point in the plot, I needed to work up to it. I needed to set the scene, as it were. And that took pages and chapters. So here I am 30,000 words later just to be able to incorporate the emotion of one song. And in my opinion, the story is better for it. So it just goes to show, you really can find inspiration anywhere, at when you least expect it.

Now, I never really posted the playlist for A Beautiful Mess although it is in the back of the book. So here it is along with the chapters that each song can be found in, even if it’s not exactly referenced in the text. If you click on the song, you’ll be taken to a youtube video of the song, except for the first two. I figured those are both fairly well known… LOL

Honky Tonk Woman - The Rolling Stones (Chapter 2)

Paradise By the Dashboard Light - Meatloaf (Chapter 2)

Something Like Olivia – John Mayer (Chapter 5)

Pride and Joy - Brandi Carlile (Chapter 5)

The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice (Chapter 9)

Your Song – Elton John (Chapter 10)

Sleeping to Dream – Jason Mraz (Chapter 15)

Brighter than the Sun – Colbie Calait (Chapter 15)

MoneyGrabber - Fitz & The Tantrums (Chapter 17)

Misery – Pink, featuring Steven Tyler (Chapter 21)

Gorilla – Bruno Mars (Chapter 22)

Martin – Zac Brown Band (Chapter 23)

As Time Goes By – Dooley Wilson (Chapter 28)

Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Maroon 5 (Chapter 29)

I Will – The Beatles (Chapter 30)

Beautiful Goodbye – Maroon 5 (Chapter 33)

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac (Chapter 34)


So what do you think? Is there a song that comes to mind when you think about “A Beautiful Mess”? I know there’s quite a few that come to mind for me, and you’ll just have to wait for the second and third books to see if you see them somewhere down the line. But I’d love to know what your thoughts are!


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What a Week

So, I know I suck at blogging. I just forget. Or I don’t have anything much to say. I’m trying to get better. I’m sitting in bed in my hotel room in Waikiki, a nice breeze floating through from our lanai. And life is pretty good at the moment. It all got a little crazy last week. I was named to The Guardian’s list of top reader recommended self-published authors of 2013. I was floored. Interview requests came in, as did a few other requests that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. In the midst of all this, the positive reviews of “A Beautiful Mess” keep coming in. Never in a million years did I think I would have this kind of response to my book. So thank you fans for loving Olivia and Alexander and my writing. It means the world to me to have your support.

We are officially under the two month mark to the release of “A Tragic Wreck” and I’m starting to get a little nervous and excited about it all. I will be honest with you all right now. This book is my favorite of the three. I love the entire story and “Gorgeous Chaos” (book three) is great as well. But there’s such an emotional aspect to “A Tragic Wreck” that has always gotten to me. It says something when you, as the author, cry during certain scenes. I’ve read it hundreds of times and it still gets to me. I can’t wait for you all to experience this book as well.

On that note, here are a few little teasers that I’ve posted in the past from “A Tragic Wreck.” And don’t forget, “A Beautiful Mess” is available at Amazon now. Click here!

And be sure to add “A Tragic Wreck” to your goodreads to-be-read list!






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A Love Letter to Scrivener

My Dearest Scrivener,

I have been an admirer of you since that fateful day that I first laid eyes on you. Before that warm California spring day, I wasn’t a believer in love at first sight. But, my dearest Scrivener, YOU MADE ME A BELIEVER.

I love the way you know that my brain is a jumble of ideas, allowing me to drag and drop my folders all over the place until my WIP flows in one seamless transgression.

I love the way you let me separate what I thought would be one section into two with just one click. (And vice-versa.)

I love the way I can make little notes on my synopsis cards, such as this gem… “Shit gets real here.” How could I not love you for that?

But most of all, I love you Scrivener for taking my novel project file and formatting it for me. How could I truly ever put into words my admiration for everything you do for me? It’s impossible. But know this, my beautiful, wonderful Scrivener. Not a day goes by that I will not sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

And no, I don’t think you’re a cheap whore, selling yourself for just $45 dollars. That was the best $45 I spent all year.

Now, let’s make out.

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