Announcement Regarding Availability of “A Beautiful Mess” and “A Tragic Wreck”

Many of you have asked whether the e-book of “A Beautiful Mess” will be available at Barnes & Noble in the future. Right now, “A Beautiful Mess” is registered in the KDP select program. With that, I have agreed to make the digital version of “A Beautiful Mess” available exclusively on Amazon for a period of 90 days. In exchange, I get certain perks, like being allowed to have “A Beautiful Mess” be a free download for up to 5 days (which over 40,000 of you have already benefited from that little perk!) and enabling it to be part of the Kindle Lender’s Library.

Now, this 90 day period expires on January 12th. At that point, I will be re-uploading to Kobo and Barnes & Noble FOR AN EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME (two weeks max.) I will make an announcement here and on my blog regarding when that happens.

After the short period of time, I will be pulling the digital format off every market except for Amazon and re-enrolling “A Beautiful Mess” in KDP Select so that I can again offer it as a free download if I so choose.

In regards to “A Tragic Wreck” – it will be published to Amazon, Kobo, and B&N when it releases. However, it will only be available on Kobo and B&N FOR AN EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME (2 weeks) and then I will pull that off and enroll it in KDP Select as well, enabling it to be a free download if I so choose.

So for those of you with an e-reader that does not support the kindle app, mark 1/13/14 and 2/4/14 on your calendars so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to download these e-books.

Also, if you don’t always get my Facebook updates, you can follow my blog and be sure to get an e-mail update every time I post something.


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