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Morning all! In case you missed the big announcement yesterday on FB, twitter & instagram, here’s a blog post about it!

For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE to run. It’s an obsession of mine. April 15 will mark the one year anniversary of the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. This tragedy effected me personally, as I went to college in the Boston area and am an avid marathoner.

As a runner, you train for months just so you can cross the finish line of whatever race in a relatively upright position. When I heard news reports of what happened at the Boston Marathon last year, I felt completely helpless. I have so many friends who still live in the city and are runners, and all I want to do was get on a plane from LAX and hug them.

This tragedy impacted the running world greatly, and me. So as my way of giving back to the city of Boston, the running community, and the victims of that tragic day who may never be able to run again, this Saturday at the North Shore Author Signing in Peabody, MA, I will be donating 100% of all of my sales to The One Fund.

Tickets for this event are sold out, but don’t worry. If you’re unable to make it, I’ll be making another announcement on Saturday of a way you can help give back the week of April 13th – 19th and it will make donating all my sales during the signing PALE in comparison… (100% of all sales through all retailers for the entire week… Just saying’!)

So for those of you who have tickets, stop by and see me. Grab a book or two and help to give back to the amazing city of Boston. I’ll only have about 50 books with me, but I will have order forms so that you can order books and have them shipped to you. Every dollar I take in on Saturday will go to The One Fund, no matter whether I have to ship the book out to you or not.

As always, thanks for your support!


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Half Marathon Day in Disney and a Sale Announcement

Happy Saturday morning all! I’ve been down here in Florida since Monday night. See, the fam & I come to Disney World every year during January for the Disney Marathon weekend. The past few years, I’ve done the Goofy Challenge, which is the Half Marathon on Saturday and then the Full Marathon on Sunday. Crazy, right?

Well, last spring, Disney added another challenge to their Marathon Weekend Extravaganza. The Dopey Challenge – 5K on Thursday, 10 K on Friday, the Half Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday… 48.6 miles in 4 days. So you bet I signed up! LOL.

Well, sometimes life throws a few kinks into your plans. I found out I was pregnant in the fall and that was going to make doing the half or full difficult as I would be 4 months preggers at the time. So we decided I would do the 5K and 10K and my brother-in-law would run the Half for me and the hubs would run the full for me. Unfortunately, back in November, I miscarried and lost the baby. It sucked, but what do you do. We weren’t even trying to get pregnant so this whole thing was kind of a blessing in disguise. Six months ago when people would ask if we wanted kids, our response was a resounding “HELL NO!” but now, we’re just going to leave ourselves open to that option. Anyway, after the miscarriage, it took a bit to get back on track with my running. So today is Saturday – the half marathon. And I’m sitting in my room at Old Key West instead of running. In my place is my brother-in-law. I ran the 5K on Thursday and the 10K on Friday. And I’ll be out there running the full marathon on Sunday, but unfortunately I had to sit out this race. And this is the very first race I’ve ever been registered for that I had to sit out due to being unable to adequately train. It sucks, but I’m glad it happened. If I didn’t get pregnant and have to give away my half marathon leg of the Dopey Challenge to my brother-in-law, he may never have began training for a half. His wife, my older sister, is a runner, like all of us Martin siblings are. But her husband was happy just going for short little runs. So I guess it’s a good thing as now he’ll want to keep running these things. But tomorrow, I’ll be out there running 26.2 miles. And next year, unless I’m preggers, I’ll be doing all 48.6 miles. That’s for damn sure.

Oh well… Enough about me and my crazy running family. For those of you who missed the FREEBIE day for “A Beautiful Mess” yesterday, I’ve temporarily lowered the price to just $.99 so make sure you pick it up. The sequel “A Tragic Wreck” comes out on 1/27, so be sure to get your hands on this till the sequel comes out (which has been getting incredible reviews!!!!).


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It’s Nice to Know You’ve Still Got It….

Up early and decided to start blogging on a more regular basis….  And before the day gets away from me with editing and reviewing my novel (“A Beautiful Mess” coming October 8, 2013!!!) I decided to do a little writing for fun. Even though all my writing is for fun, really!

So I got up early yesterday, as I do every day. And I went for a run. It was Tuesday. And Tuesday’s a short run day. So I hop in my yellow Jeep Wrangler and drive to one of the trailheads. See, I live in this fantastic suburb north of LA, about thirty miles north of Hollywood. And there’s probably over forty miles of bike paths. Which is great as a runner because i don’t have to fight cars or traffic and I can turn off and just run. Which is freaking fantastic!

So I pull my Jeep in and get all the stuff I need for my short little five miler. And I start running. About a mile and a half into my run, I catch up to about twenty police academy recruits, who are also out for a run. And holy crap, nice job Santa Clarita Police Academy, because there were some HOTTIES there. (Side note, I’m extremely happily married to the most wonderful man on the face of the planet.)

So as I’m running, I can tell some of the guys are checking me out. I did look cute…  Wearing a cute little running skirt from Athletica. (PS, any runners who want some great comfortable skirts for running in – Athletica is a little better than Lululemon, IMHO.)

And then one of their training instructors or whatever, runs up, and starts yelling as some of the cadets. He said, and I quote, “Stop chasing skirts and stay with the group.” I turned around and this hottie grinned. I wish I had my phone because I sooo wanted to take a picture because he is who I had in my head when I made up my main character, Alexander….  Holy crap. Built, dark hair. He even had green eyes. Holy shit balls!

So that brings me to the point of this post this morning…  It’s nice to know you’ve still got it. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for four years. And he tells me on a daily basis how much he loves me. How beautiful I am. And I love that he’s so affectionate with me. But once in a while, it’s nice to know people other than your hubby finds you attractive. So that made my day….

Well, it looks like I need to go prep Chapter one of my first book to post on Goodreads…  When I hit 50, I said I’d post it…  So looks like that’s about to happen!  Holy crapolla!  If you haven’t added it yet, go here:

A Beautiful Mess on Goodreads

And once I get 200 likes on my FB fan page, I’m posting a schmexy scene…

T.K. Leigh Facebook Fan Page

And anyone who knows me, knows I’m a total sucker for Grumpy Cat, so I just had to share this with y’all!


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