Signed Paperbacks & Swag for Sale

So, I’ve changed things up a bit and signed paperbacks are now available to purchase through my Etsy shop. If you pre-ordered previously and I sent you an invoice, you’re still good to go. Going through my Etsy shop just makes things a bit easier. And I have some swag in there that I’m selling, too! Just click on one of the book covers to go to my Etsy store front! And right now, A Tragic Wreck is still on a pre-order sale. Those will ship out around 2/4/14. The pre-order is just $7 right now and will go up to $11 on 2/4/14.

ABM-EBOOK-FINAL-WEB                                             ATW-ebook-cover-Final-Vignette-flatten-WEBSITE

** For those of you who have purchased “A Beautiful Mess” with the older cover & would like to purchase a signed copy with the updated cover, send the following information in an e-mail to Any e-mails that do not include all required information will be disregarded.

(1) Paypal invoice number if you ordered from me OR if you purchased the paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. your receipt (just your order number is insufficient).

(2) Your name

(3) Your e-mail address

(4) Your mailing address

I will then send you a paypal invoice. Your price will be $5 plus shipping. If you’re ordering both books, your total price will be $10 plus shipping. Your shipping costs will be discounted 50%. These prices and discounts are only valid with proof of purchase. This offer does not apply if you won a signed paperback in a contest.**

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